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The Care and Feeding of your Serger by Terry McClintock Your Serger is an indispensable tool in your sewing room. It tirelessly finishes edges, sews finished seams and rolls edges. Keeping your Serger in top shape will insure it will be ready to go whenever you need it. Regular maintenance is quick and easy with the right tools at hand. Keeping your machine lit free and oiled, if your model requires it, takes just a few minutes and tools to keep your machine in top shape. Tools: Your Manual The tools in your machine box Brush for Lint Nice to have! Microfiber Cloths Vacuum Attachments Q tips If you use canned air….Hold upright and do not shake the can! Daily Checklist: * Lower Knife, Clean between blades * Dust Area behind Lower Looper * Open Table and Dust * Wipe Down Exterior of Machine * Check Needles, Change if Dull * Store with a Dust Cover Deep Clean Monthly: *Unthread *Remove Throat Plate and Presser Foot Clean out feed dog area *Vacuum or brush out looper area *Move Machine from table and clean suction cups *Oil if directed by manual If recommended by the maker, take your machine to your dealer annually for a tune up. For more info: Visit and look for the resources in their ebooks section. Also recommended the weallsew blog, great ideas for any sewer and sewing machine brand!

What are sewing hacks? Use Muslin in Cutting Slippery Fabrics. Cutting slippery fabrics can be a little tricky. Keep Your Scissors Sharp. Press Buttons Using Hair Straighteners. Sew the Perfect Corners. Use Binder Clips in Applying Your Binding. Gather Your Fabric the Easy Way.

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